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Take a look at some of our fishing reports from years back – you can get an idea of what species we catch during what time of year, and other similar information.

Winyah Bay/North Inlet


The low water fishing has been very good all winter as long as you picked good weather days plenty of Reds with  many double digit days.Fly fishing or spin has been our choice.


Now that March is here the water will be warming (though it never got that cold) Reds will be moving into their spring pattern, Flounder will be moving into the creeks and Trout should be doing well also.


Winyah Bay Flats are starting to fill up with Tailing Reds



September & October

Fishing in the Winyah Bay near Georgetown brought great catches of Reds, Channel Bass, Tarpon, and Flounder.

 Maggie with a


Winyah Bay Red



Winyah Bay Tarpon




August brought some good catches of Reds, Flounder, Tarpon, Trout and Sharks…



Russell and a nice Red Drum.



Some nice Winyah Bay Flounder 


Georgetown Jetty Red


North Inlet Reds



April brought in Spring fishing with good catches of Reds and Flounder, below.






2-26-2011 – Dr Rhett fished today we had a hard time catching fish due to the NE wind, something that the weather man forgot to mention in his forecast… Seems like he could have seen the mostly cloudy skies and NE winds around 20-25 in his little Crystal Ball, if it ever worked right. 🙂  We went anyway and managed to save the day with a few Reds and a Black Drum. Rhett had been stuck in the house for several week after a Hip Replacement and said he was just glad to be out.




2-17-2011 another trip today we ran over to North Inlet today had a larger group so took The  Tarpon end up catch a buch of smaller fish today most being inside the slot limit wqith only one being to large a great time was had by all.

2-16-2011 Weather is a little warmer these dyas and have finally got some pepole that want to go fishing so we ventued out on the bay and found several large schools of Reds in the low water Flats we had a great day of fishing we actually lost count but we caught a lot of fish.

12-31-2010 The last day of the year to fish had a walk-in that was staying up in Pawleys Island he said he would like to catch some Red Drum I told him they have been biting very well  sowe loaded up and off we went to thr flats in the Winyah Bay area we had a good catch of Reds but in my hast left the camera card in the lap top so no photos to show but it was a great day!!!

12 21  A great day of Red fishing with Capt Matt and Capt Steve we caught numerous Red Fish on the Fly Rod and on spinning tackle in the the low water flats in the Winyah Bay area.

Catching Reds with a 7wt Fly Rod





Big winter Red caught on spin tackle.



12-12-2010 Well it has been cold or the wind has been blowing or raining,one cold day we did a fly over some of the SC coastal area,we took off from the Georgetown airport and flew out over Winyah Bay then back over Georgetown back down the lenth of Winyah Bay down to North Santee on down to South Santee and then on to Cape Romain


Dr Rett had a good day of fishing for Red Fish in the low water flats. We fished out of Georgetown Landing on Sat Dec 4 in the Winyah Bay area.



John and Lee had a good day of fishing in the Winyah Bay area – the Reds were tailing in the low water flats all Thanksgiving weekend.

lees red.JPG

j kester.jpg


Sorry I have not been keeping up regularly with my fishing report, but I have been fishing not typing. 🙂 Below is a brief, month-by-month summary of the summer and early fall…


girl w red.jpg


Mid-June through July 1

Tarpon showed up in the Cape Romain area – in 3 charter trips we went 6 for 12 on Tarpon and also caught a few Sharks.

I also had 2 inshore charters for Red Fish and Flounder – both days we fished the South Santee area and had good catches of Flounder and Reds.




I spent most of my time around Winyah Bay and the Georgetown Jetties, with a few trips to North Inlet. Lots of big Redfish on the South Jetty with a few Tarpon caught regularly on the top of tide. Flounder were on the North Jetty in good numbers.

Back in the Winyah Bay, Trout were around the Shell Banks (& lots of big Trout too!).



Tarpon showed up at the Georgetown Jetty in large numbers – had lots of good days with as many as 14 fish in a 3/4 day charter (That’s Incredible! ) Plenty of sharks and Bull Reds mixed in…



September brought more Tarpon than August! We found them up and down the beach, from North Inlet to Cape Romain and all the inlets between…




Plenty of late-season Tarpon still around the Georgetown Jetties, & lots of Bull Reds.

Trout and Flounder in North Inlet, North Santee, South Santee and Cape Romain.

nice red.jpg


Red are schooling in the low water flats, with tails in the air – making the Top Water fishing EXCELLENT!

…Fly Fishing has been EXCELLENT too!!!

Many days produced 20 or more fish. A great Fall season!

top water.jpg


Earlier Reports Below…


6-19-10  1 for three on Tarpon the one we caught was 125 pounds or so also caught 2 big sharks.

6-17-10  went on a fun trip for a few hours and caught 12 Reds saw some Tarpon rolling but did not have the big rods I am gearing up to try em out Sat


6-14-10 flounder seem to be moving in 5 this morning all nice 9 Reds,6 spades,3 Spanish and 1 blue

6-13-10 Caught a had ful of sharks inthe early morning then found some Reds 12,picked up 4 nice flounder  2 Blues and six Spainish

6-12-10  early morning trip to beat the heat great morning 15 Reds 5 spanish and 3 blues

6-3-10 Have been catching nice flounder and Reds the past few weeks mainly around the Jettys and small inlets up and down the coast have not had time to post fishing report everyday


5/14/10 A very nice day and we caught lots of Reds so many I lost count and 4 med size Flounder

4/30/10   16 Reds 4 Trout 3 Flounder

4/20/10  18 Reds 3 Flounder

4/19/10 -21 Reds 3 nice Flounder.

4/5/10 – Absolute stunner of a day -great temps, lots of sunshine, just enough breeze to keep you cool while fishing! Took “Maggie May” out to one of the secret spots for a mornings catch of reds, and also got some of the first flounder of the season. Based on the number of flounder beds we saw, this place is going to yield some great fishing in the months to come.

3/31/10 – Lots of charters this last month, a great March! Started off cool but the fish knew spring was here even if it didn’t feel much like it! 🙂

3/12/10 – Bluebird days in the flats have the redfish biting like gangbusters right now. Call us and let’s go fishing!